Biodigester Lining Systems

EPLSA’s staff has been involved with numerous biodigester lining systems projects and are experienced in the supply and installation of these geomembrane lining systems. Great care must be taken during these installations as one leak could result in the subgrade becoming contaminated and generating gasses underneath the basal lining system instead.

About Biodigester Lining Systems

Biogas is a naturally occurring gas, successfully utilised for energy generation throughout the world. One of the methods for housing these gasses is in the form of large, double lined reservoirs. These reservoirs are lined with a basal lining system, normally HDPE as it offers chemical resistance.

As second lining is installed over the structure with the goal to create an airtight bladder for the generation process. This lining is often a more flexible lining, depending on the operational requirements. The biogas is then extracted and put through flaring or energy generation processes.

A Quality Control system is, as is common practice, utilised during the installation process to test all welds prior to the structure being filled with organic material.

Biodigester Lining Systems