Tailings Storage FacilitY

A tailings storage facility (TSF) is a structure made up of (one or more dams) built for the purposes of storing the uneconomical ore (ground up rock, sand and silt) and water from the milling process. These structures result from mining operations, often with a large footprint. Tailings Dams (or TSF) are large, technically challenging structures that often require a geomembrane lining system to be installed down long slopes or large areas.

The liquids housed in these structures might not always be hazardous in composition, however often the liquid of TSFs are retreated to ensure optimum extraction of the minerals contained therein. Hence the need to ensure no liquid is leaked into the environment both for environmental protection purposes as well as commercial purposes. It is therefore of the utmost importance to implement internationally accepted installation methods and adhere to stringent Quality Control procedures during the installation phase.

Some considerations relating to the liner selection would be the operational depth (impacting the liner thickness selection), slope length (influencing the decision to install a smooth or textured lining), drainage design (protection geotextile might be required) as well as UV exposure to name a few.

EPL SA specialises in the installation of premium lining systems into technically challenging projects, throughout the entire continent of Africa (as well as elsewhere). Our specialist expat installation teams have experience in installing geosynthetic lining systems in these remote and often logistically challenging locations.

Tailings Storage Facility