Wastewater Treatment Works

The critical Part of sewage treatment is the design and construction of wastewater ponds. Wastewater treatment works ponds house either untreated or treated effluent, both of which is subject to legislation imposed by the Department of Water Affairs.

These ponds are lined to protect the environment from potentially hazardous liquids. A High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane is normally specified as it offers excellent chemical resistance properties, as well as being a cost effective lining solution. Stringent installation procedures needs to be adhered to as leaks would lead to contaminated subgrade and the generation of methane gasses under the leaking lining system.

EPLSA conforms to the SANS 10409 specification for geomembrane installation and completes all due testing during the installation.

HDPE Lining for Oxidation Dams
Oxidation Dam Lining - Wastewater Treatment Works
Reed Bed Lining
Wastewater Treatment Works

Oxidation Dams and Reed Beds are lined with a geosynthetic lining system to contain fluids generated when treating sewage or effluent.